Raquel's Blog

Raquel's blog for her Outreachy internship

  • Week 1: Introduce Yourself

    I’m a medical professional that is looking to learn more about the machines that I’ve worked with in the lab. Though it is medical, it is very heavily computer based at this point in time. I have experience in phlebotomy and chemical lab processing.

    My core values are stability and curiosity. I value stability because when something is stable — you could be financially stable or maybe a stable object, stable or working code — you could focus on other important things. I also value curiosity. I like to take things apart and rebuilding them. I often find myself curious about how some things work.

    I was looking for a job that could potentially pay higher than a lab tech and came across Outreachy. I don’t have much experience in programming, but I got curious and tried it out.

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